Month: August 2018

Colour In The Bathroom

Minimalism seems to be the primary theme of the moment and it does deliver what could be described as classic design for bathrooms and wet rooms. By that we mean clean lines, minimalism, simplicity and...Read More

Benefits Of Secondary Drains In Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Secondary drainage is now being incorporated into designs more and more. Of course it’s primarily as a safeguard in case the main drainage system gets backed up for any reason, but secondary drainage performs another...Read More

What You Need To Know About Wet Room Planning For Architects

Nothing takes the breath away and inspires sensations of pampering and luxury quite like stepping into a well-designed wet room and enjoying an amazing bathing/showering experience. There is something subliminal and instantly pleasing about the...Read More

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tiling A Wet Room

Do’s And Don’ts Of Tiling A Wet Room
This is a hot topic as many wet rooms are tiled incorrectly, which leads to unwanted leaks and client disappointment to say the least. The cost of remedial action is high because it usually means...Read More