Tips for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

dark bathroom masculine ideas
When it comes to bathrooms and wet rooms, not everyone is into a light/pastel, elegant design for relaxation and simplicity - some people prefer it to be a strong dark colour that produces a more...Read More

Using Lighting Effects in Wetrooms

light effects in a bathroom mirror
When getting started on the process of designing a wet room, the wet room kit, drain and tile selections are likely to come to mind first; pushing the choice of lighting to the side. In...Read More

How to Fit Underfloor Electric Heating in a Wetroom

bathroom flooring with underfloor heating fitted
A rising trend in the world of wetrooms is the installation of underfloor heating. Alongside a selection of wetroom accessories, heated flooring adds the perfect finishing touch to any luxurious wetroom. No longer will that...Read More

Can Anyone Have a Wet Room?

Wet room design
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Timeless Wetroom Trends

timeless bathroom trends image
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How To Fix Poor Water Pressure

tap with water dripping out
You’ve sat down with your client to understand their wetroom needs, fixtures and fittings perhaps even their preferred style of wetroom accessories. But when it comes to talking about wetroom functionality and experience, your client...Read More

How to Exceed Client Expectations

two smartly dressed men looking at a laptop screen
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How To Save Space In A Wet Room Design

small wet room with glass
In the past, we’ve written about how to lay out a wet room, which contains all the information you need to know on how to design the optimal layout for a wet room based on...Read More