Wet Room Kits

Nobody has the same tastes or needs when it comes to installing a wet room, which is why we offer a range of different wet room kits for you to choose from. Our wet room kits can include a drain, slope and tanking kit providing an amazing result. Comprised of some of the highest quality Scandinavian products, our wet room kits can offer a high-end finish and functionality. Whether you need a level-floor access or a low profile drain, we have a kit that suits every situation.


Wherever you choose to position the drain within your design, we have a slope system to suit that will direct the water towards the drainage point. The products that comprise these wet room kits are BBA approved and comply with British regulations and standards.

With wide variations in outlet options, we can offer drains with high capacities (100+ litres per minute) and low building depths (64mm pre-tilling), easily adapting to a range of different environments and building sectors.