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Tips for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

dark bathroom masculine ideas
When it comes to bathrooms and wet rooms, not everyone is into a light/pastel, elegant design for relaxation and simplicity - some people prefer it to be a strong dark colour that produces a more...Read More

Timeless Wetroom Trends

timeless bathroom trends image
When it comes to wetroom design, you might be encouraged to follow the new and modern trends of the current moment. Something that many people seem to forget is that most of these trends come...Read More

How to Exceed Client Expectations

two smartly dressed men looking at a laptop screen
The most successful players in business all have one thing in common; they consistently find ways to impress their clients and deliver more than what is expected of them. These traits are ingrained into their...Read More

The Importance Of Tanking A Wet Room Correctly

Installation Service 2
What many people don’t realise when fitting a wet room, is that the entirety of the space needs to be tanked correctly and not just the key areas. Whilst it may seem unnecessary, water can...Read More

Tile Types Explained

Different Kinds Of Tile
Your choice of tile doesn’t only make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a wetroom, but also it’s functionality and practicality. There’s a wide range of tile choice out there, from different materials...Read More

How To Lay Out A Wet Room

Example of an L-shaped wet room
When it comes to designing a new wet room, architects and designers alike are nearly always confronted with a different shaped room to convert. Whilst this is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and...Read More

The Ultimate Wet Room Jargon Buster

WetRoom Jargon Buster
Every single industry is overflowing with jargon, and wetrooms are no different. With so many different solutions, drains and systems available it can be incredibly confusing, especially if you aren’t clued up on all the...Read More

Accessories That Every Wet Room Needs

A wetroom mirror above a sink
There are a multitude of big decisions that need to be made when it comes to installing a wet room. From the overall design and structural features to the type of shower and tile choice...Read More