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How To Fix Poor Water Pressure

tap with water dripping out
You’ve sat down with your client to understand their wetroom needs, fixtures and fittings perhaps even their preferred style of wetroom accessories. But when it comes to talking about wetroom functionality and experience, your client...Read More

Shower Types Explained

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Naturally, one of the standout features in a wetroom is the shower, and in some cases, this is the central focal point of the room. When deciding on the shower type to integrate into a...Read More

Advantages Of Low Profile Slimline Drains

[caption id="attachment_3328" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Fusion Studio TIFF File[/caption] Every property needs a wow-factor, and a luxurious wet room achieves this effortlessly. Or, at least, it should. Get it wrong, and things can go awry. The...Read More

Choosing The Right Colour Drain For Your Wet Room

Of all of the elements of a bathroom, the drain is surely the least inspiring. However, when it comes to both practicality and aesthetics, they are the feature. After all, the water from a wet...Read More

How To Best Care For Your Wet Room Drain

Where have the old days of boring, predictable plug holes gone? In the past, a sieve would do most of the work, and a plunger would take care of any unexpected disasters. (more…)Read More

Benefits Of Secondary Drains In Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

Secondary drainage is now being incorporated into designs more and more. Of course it’s primarily as a safeguard in case the main drainage system gets backed up for any reason, but secondary drainage performs another...Read More

The Nightmare Of Wet Room Drain Failures

Adding a luxury wet room is a considerable investment. A well-planned design, quality drain and professional installation will ensure a beautiful result that delights your clients. But it’s also important to understand the risks involved...Read More

When To Use Low Profile Drains In Wet Rooms

Functional design relies on making the most effective use of available space. When looking for ways to optimise space in high end property developments, wet rooms provide a versatile showering solution that supports the modern...Read More