Unislope 4K Range

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Drain, UniSlope Board and Tanking Kit

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Unislope® 4K allows you to create level access at four entry points with four slopes to a central linear drain.


  • Level floor access is achievable
  • Removable grate / tiled cover for easy cleaning
  • Solvent free paint-on waterproofing membrane
  • Stable and safe with large metal flanges
  • Internal channel to prevent stagnant water
  • Approved for wooden and concrete construction
  • Low profile wet room drain version available
  • BBA approved Unidrain


Unidrain’s Award winning patented linear drain can be installed away from the wall. The drain has a capacity of 54ltrs per minute and can be easily cleaned by removing the grate.


The UniSlope® 4K preformed base has a four way slope built in gradient and is only 19mm thick. It can sit flush with the prepared floor to create level floor access. UniSlope® can be trimmed to size.


All Wet Rooms need to be waterproofed. Our paint-on liquid waterproofing membrane is designed to stretch and move with your building. The membrane is 100% water proof and dries as a one piece application.

UniSlope 4K Installation Video

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