Tips for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

Tips for Creating a Masculine Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms and wet rooms, not everyone is into a light/pastel, elegant design for relaxation and simplicity – some people prefer it to be a strong dark colour that produces a more dramatic and bold effect. Masculine bathrooms are becoming more and more popular for households, and can be a very charming room if designed and installed correctly. The most effective type of bathroom in this style is to create a wetroom, which means that the whole room is waterproofed, or tanked, meaning that you can step in and out the shower at the same level as the rest of the floor. Wet rooms are also much easier to clean than traditional bathrooms, so its a great option for everybody.

The size of your bathroom space shouldn’t be an issue, with the correct planning, you can create a practical wet room that is enjoyable for all. Follow our tips for creating the perfect masculine bathroom…

Dark coloured tiles

People have been playing it safe in the colour scheme of their bathrooms for a long time, with white walls and simple subway tiles dominating modern bathrooms. That is all starting to change, with more of us embracing the darker, moodier colours that are already popular in other parts of the house. Coloured tiles are a good way to do this, our favourites being a dark blue or dark grey with coloured accents within the wet room.

Dark grouting

Using dark grouting between your dark coloured tiles is a great way to try something a bit more masculine and create a more consistent look within your wet room/bathroom. Whether this is dark grey grouting between lighter or darker tiles, it can change the look of your bathroom to be something a lot more sleek and dramatic.

Matt black accessories

Matt black is one of the most up-to-date trends for bathrooms and wetrooms. It is both sleek and functional, and matt black accessories can be found in shower-heads and taps to toilet roll holders and shelving. It works wonderfully paired with dark grey walls and white units and flooring.

Dark wood effects

There is nothing more earthly than a dark wood being used in your bathroom. Although actual wood isn’t advised for bathrooms/wetrooms as moisture and humidity will damage and warp the wood, there are alternatives you can have that give the same effect. Porcelain wooden tiles can come in a variety of colours and finishes, which will fill your bathroom with warmth and character.


The fixtures within your bathroom or wet room can contribute to the whole atmosphere. For a more masculine feeling, choose fixtures that are more straight in shape, like rectangles with softened corners instead of curves and ovals. This could include everything from your sink basin to your toilet.

Creating a masculine bathroom starts with a strategic bathroom design plan, you don’t just want to wing it and hope everything falls into place. Take a look at our high-quality wetroom products, which partnered with your excellent design and dedication, will leave your customers more than happy with their wetroom.