What Colour Wet Room Is Best For A Smaller Bathroom?

What Colour Wet Room Is Best For A Smaller Bathroom
Does the bathroom space you or your client need to work with present constraints regarding area available space? Thankfully, wet rooms are possible even in smaller bathroom spaces. Whether for luxury developments, hotels, or new-build...Read More

Choosing The Right Colour Drain For Your Wet Room

Of all of the elements of a bathroom, the drain is surely the least inspiring. However, when it comes to both practicality and aesthetics, they are the feature. After all, the water from a wet...Read More

How To Best Care For Your Wet Room Drain

Where have the old days of boring, predictable plug holes gone? In the past, a sieve would do most of the work, and a plunger would take care of any unexpected disasters. (more…)Read More

How To Refresh Your Bathroom With A Coloured Wet Room

Is your bathroom in need of a refresh? Tired grouting, uneven lighting, and an unnecessarily brusque start to the day? You’re not alone, and – thankfully – there’s an easily accessible answer. Wet room design...Read More

Wet Room Materials CPD For Architects

Wet Room Materials CPD For Architects
We all acknowledge that continuing professional development (CPD) is what sets one architect apart from their contemporaries. This is because new materials, techniques, and products are constantly emerging, and even the most innovative designer needs...Read More

Wet Room Materials Now BIID & SBID Members

Wet Room Materials are delighted to have recently become members of the BIID and SBID. These are names that many are familiar with. However, sometimes it’s helpful to indulge in a quick reminder of what...Read More

Event Announcement: Sleep + Eat 2018

There are few design arenas as dynamic or inspiring as the hospitality industry. As Coco Chanel so aptly put it, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury”. However, luxury is subjective, and in the...Read More

Event Announcement: SBID 20:20

One of the most anticipated dates in the calendar is almost upon us. October 24th 2018 is the SBID 20:20 Meet the Buyer Event at the Dorchester Hotel in London. SBID 20:20 has a single...Read More

Take Advantage Of Growing Wet Room Demand

Owners of bathroom showrooms and suppliers to the industry are constantly assessing new products, new manufacturers, new accessories and so on. So they may want to sit up and take note of the growing demand...Read More