Glassline Kit


Unidrain Glassline is ideal when using large tiles or stone slabs. There is no need to cut tiles to create the slope and you don’t stand on the drain whilst showering. The Glassline range provides and integrated solution for the drain, slope and glass screen, also providing a water tight solution between the walls and floor.


  • Ideal when using large tiles or stone slabs. No need to cut tiles to create slope
  • No need to stand on the drain while showering as the drain is positioned against the wall
  • Drain and glass rail system is wall mounted for easy installation
  • Level floor access is achievable
  • 100% watertight solution as glass screen is integrated into the drain
  • Removable grate / tiled cover for easy cleaning

Drain / Slope

The fixed module is suitable for shower screen lengths of 800/900/1000/1200mm and a shower width of 800/900/1000/1200mm. The fixed module provides a template for the slope, making it easy to install using screed.

Shower Screen

High quality 10mm ultra clear glass with a single stainless steel profile for a secure seamless installation. Glass is fixed directly into the channel to provide a safe and easy installation. Glass is treated with Clean Tec, making it water repellent. No visible screws or fittings after installation.

How To Install Unidrain® Wet Room Linear Drain Installation With Glass Screen

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