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MatLine is a must-have product for any modern home with an active family. Designed with keeping the outside world outside, it helps to prevent water and dirt entering the home. Trapping dirt between its brushes and draining water away, it’s hassle-free and maintains cleanliness.

Where Can MatLine Be Used?

Unidrain have developed the intelligent and practical MatLine system that can be installed into any entrance hall, utility room etc. to prevent the transfer of dirt and water from outside to inside. The MatLine solution keeps a house clean from debris, whilst maintaining the look of a contemporary style home. Being of Scandinavian design, it conforms to three design principles – Simplicity, Minimalism and Functionality.


  • MatLine combines design and functionality and is a must-have for the stylish modern home.
  • The stainless steel frame and long-lasting UV nylon brushes create a very strong build that will last for the ages.
  • MatLine can be installed into any floor construction and may be connected to the existing drainage system for minimal hassle.
  • MatLine is ideal for indoor use including utility rooms, kitchens and hallways.
  • MatLine is easy to clean as the water runs directly into the drain underneath the mat.
  • Dirt falls into the gap between the brush panels for easy clean-up.
  • Height adjustable supports mean MatLine can be used in any home.

How to install Unidrain® Matline

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