Wall Mounted Linear


Unidrain’s award winning wall mounted linear drain allows you to have one slope and use large tiles or stone slabs. There is no need to cut tiles to create the slope and you don’t stand on the drain whilst showering.


  • Drain is wall mounted for easy installation
  • Level floor access is achievable
  • Removable grate / tiled cover for easy cleaning
  • Stable and safe with large metal flanges
  • Internal channel to prevent stagnant water
  • Approved for wooden and concrete construction
  • BBA approved Unidrain


Unidrain’s Award winning patented linear drain with a rear vertical flange. The linear drain is wall mounted to ensure a secure fixing. The standard outlet has a capacity of 54ltrs per minute and can be easily cleaned by removing the grate / tiled cover. A range of outlets are available including a low profile solution.


Use the UniSlope® 1K preformed slope for an easy installation.


All Wet Rooms need to be waterproofed. Take a look at our installation products.

Unidrain Installation Video



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