Wet rooms are the way forward, see how the Scandinavian’s are doing it

Wet rooms are the way forward, see how the Scandinavian’s are doing it

Functionally elegant wet rooms are the way forward

elegant wet room

Functional and elegant – Scandinavian-inspired wet rooms are the way forward! Create a beautiful walk-in-shower with minimal fuss. A sleek simplistic look ensures that your wet room is practically maintenance free which means that you have more time to enjoy all that a wet room has to offer.


Sleek, stylish, and always contemporary

Scandinavian-inspired wet room

Forward thinking and everyday luxury is easily achievable with a Scandinavian-inspired wet room. Take the showering experience to another level with an open-plan walk-in-shower. For a stylish contemporary look, integrate clean lines with neutral bright colours.


Be Ultra-Modern

modern shower

Embrace the showering evolution by creating a dramatic design statement. The future is now with a walk-in-shower glass base. The addition of a frameless glass screen will minimise visual interruptions. For a true Scandinavian effect, add a touch of dark sharp tones contrasted with white bright materials.


Think Big with Small Spaces

stylish wetrooms

A wet room does not have to be reserved for large bathroom areas. Solve the problem of awkward spaces by installing a walk-in-shower in the corner of a room. Achieving a space-enhancing seamless look in true Scandinavian fashion has never been easier.


Make a Bold Visual Impact

minimalistic shower

Be ahead of the curve with a cool pared back visual effect. Neutral colours contrasted with a black free-standing cabinet make for an ultra-modern Scandinavian-inspired design. Add a white wall mounted sink for a sleek minimalistic look.